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Fuji 2DI75D-100 New IGBT Module

Posted Date:2023-09-19 23:35:46



Sell 2DI75D-100, #Fuji #2DI75D-100 New Stock, 2DI75D-100 Power Bipolar Transistor, 75A I(C), 1000V V(BR)CEO, 2-Element, NPN, Silicon, Plastic/Epoxy, 7 Pin; , #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #2DI75D_100

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Fuji 2DI75D-100 is a type of power transistor module manufactured by Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. This module is designed for use in high-power switching applications and can handle a maximum collector current of 75 amperes and a maximum collector-emitter voltage of 1000 volts.

The module(2DI75D-100) consists of two insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) and a diode, which are mounted on a single substrate.

Fuji 2DI75D-100 is commonly used in industrial applications such as motor drives, power supplies, and welding equipment. Its high power handling capability and compact size make it an attractive choice for high-density power electronics designs.

Manufacturer Part Number: #2DI75D-100

Package Description: FLANGE MOUNT, R-PUFM-X7

Manufacturer: Fuji Electric Co Ltd

Collector Current-Max (IC): 75 A

Collector-Emitter Voltage-Max: 1000 V

Configuration: COMPLEX

DC Current Gain-Min (hFE): 100

Fall Time-Max (tf): 3000 ns

JESD-30 Code: R-PUFM-X7

Number of Elements: 2

Number of Terminals: 7

Package Body Material: PLASTIC/EPOXY

Package Shape: RECTANGULAR

Package Style: FLANGE MOUNT

Polarity/Channel Type: NPN

Power Dissipation Ambient-Max: 500 W

Power Dissipation-Max (Abs): 500 W

Rise Time-Max (tr): 2500 ns

Subcategory: BIP General Purpose Power

Surface Mount: NO

Terminal Position: UPPER

Transistor Element Material: SILICON

Turn-off Time-Max (toff): 18000 ns

Turn-on Time-Max (ton): 2500 ns

Power Bipolar Transistor, 75A I(C), 1000V V(BR)CEO, 2-Element, NPN, Silicon, Plastic/Epoxy, 7 Pin

Article source: https://www.slw-ele.com/2di75d-100.html

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