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Isolated GaN FET gate driver for automotive and industrial applications

Posted Date:2023-09-19 19:33:09

Mouser now stocks the Power-Thru AHV85110 isolated GaN FET gate driver from Allegro MicroSystems. The device is an AEC-Q100 Grade 2 qualified isolated gate driver created to drive GaN FETs in multiple applications and technologies. The gate driver boasts fast propagation delay and high peak source/sink capability, efficiently driving GaN FETs in high-frequency designs. The gate driver supports various automotive, industrial, and clean energy applications and AC/DC and DC-DC converters.

The GaN FET gate driver combines traditionally separate components – the isolated gate driver and the isolated power supply – into a single, compact, robust package. The platform minimises EMI pathways and simplifies integration, producing faster time-to-market, efficiency gains and production cost savings. This design also permits the driving of a floating switch in any location in a switching power topology. The gate driver is accommodated in a compact, low-profile, surface mount 10mm × 7.66mm × 2.41mm NH package, making it an excellent option for space-constrained applications, such as EV chargers and micro-inverters. The GaN FET gate driver can also be employed in various transportation, robotics, clean energy, and industrial applications.

The APEK85110KNH-01-T-MH evaluation board supports the isolated GaN FET gate driver. The board includes two AHV85110 GaN FET drivers and two GaN FETs in a half-bridge configuration. The evaluation board provides convenient test points for monitoring the high- and low-side gate drives and the switch node.

Source from: https://www.shunlongwei.com/isolated-gan-fet-gate-driver-for-automotive-and-industrial-applications/

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