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SanRex MDF250A20L New IGBT Module

Posted Date:2023-09-19 10:11:03



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SanRex MDF250A20L is a high-power diode module Mdde by SanRex Corporation. The MDF250A20L designed for use in rectification circuits & features maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage 2000V & maximum average forward current 250A.

The MDF250A20L also has low forward voltage drop, which helps reduce power loss and improve efficiency. The MDF250A20L has compact design & easy to install and replace, it is a popular choice for industrial and commercial applications.

This diode module is commonly used in high-power applications such as welding machines, AC motor drives, and power supplies.

MDF250A20L Details:

Manufacturer Part Number: MDF250A20L

Manufacturer: Sanrex Corporation

Configuration: SINGLE


Forward Voltage-Max (VF): 1.3 V

Number of Elements: 1

Operating Temperature-Max: 125 °C

Output Current-Max: 250 A

Rep Pk Reverse Voltage-Max: 200 V

Reverse Recovery Time-Max: 0.45 µs

Subcategory: Rectifier Diodes

Surface Mount: NO

Rectifier Diode 1 Element 250A 200V V(RRM)

Article source: https://www.slw-ele.com/mdf250a20l.html

category: Components

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