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Sponsored Content: Cutting-edge Semiconductors

Posted Date:2023-09-17 13:51:18

Sponsored Content: Cutting-edge Semiconductors

Profusion Ltd is a specialist semiconductor distributor that has supplied the audio industry for nearly 35 years, forging close ties with global partners who design and manufacture a wide range of state-of-the-art components. Many of these parts have a much broader application base than audio, with considerable potential for the industrial, medical and power management markets.

The backbone of technological innovation lies in advanced semiconductors. We take great pride in being at the forefront of an ever-evolving industry, offering solutions tailored to meet each customer’s unique demands, be it ensuring consistent performance, minimising downtime or optimising power efficiency.

Semiconductors for Industrial and IoT Applications

From the humble op-amp to more cutting-edge parts, these components promise performance improvements for a wide range of applications:

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Analog Front End (AFE) for Sensor Measurements

The highly integrated Analog Front Ends from Nisshinbo combine low-noise precision op-amps with Programmable Gain (PGA), signal conditioning circuitry and A/D converters in a single chip. They provide the perfect space-saving interface between the sensor and the microcontroller in various sensor applications. Typical applications include pressure sensors, gas sensors, flow meters and thermostats.

The NJU9103 Analog Front End is a small-sized AFE (4mm x 4mm) with up to 512x signal amplification from the PGA and 16bit Analog-to Digital Converter (ADC) resolution. Any sensor offset and gain drift can be corrected by the internal digital-to-analog converter calibration settings. The NJU9103 can handle 4 differential or 7 single-ended inputs and convert at a rate of up to 6500 samples per second.

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Precision Operational Amplifiers for Sensor Applications 

To meet the increasing needs for amplifying sensor signals, we provide a wide variety of operational amplifiers (op-amps) that range from low power consumption of less than 1µA to ultra-low offset and zero drift. To further boost performance, features such as high EMI immunity and input fault tolerance are included. We have an op-amp to support every type of sensor application.

The NL6012 Precision Operational Amplifier is a dual rail-to-rail input and output, single supply op-amp featuring low offset voltage (10μV max) and zero-drift over temperature (0.05μV/°C max). Supply current is a mere 15µA, while short circuit output current is 17mA. The NL6012 offers excellent CMRR without the crossover associated with traditional complementary input stages. This results in superior performance for driving Analog-to-Digital converters without degradation of differential linearity. The NL6012 includes an integrated EMI filter to reduce malfunctions caused by RF noises from mobile phones and other wireless devices. It operates from 2.1V to 5.5V supply and within -40°C to 125°C temperature range, and is available in an 8-pin VSP package (2.8mm x 2.9mm).

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MRAM for IoT Applications 

For Internet of Things (IoT) applications, Profusion are introducing MRAM (Magneto Resistive RAM), which is non-volatile, low power and with read/write speeds comparable to SRAM and DRAM. MRAM is ideal for storing both program code (non-volatile) and work memory (high-speed access) in a single chip, replacing both the FLASH and DRAM. This reduced complexity combined with minimal power consumption makes it ideal for battery-powered remote monitoring as well as SMART meters and sensors.

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The S3A1604V0 is a 16Mb serial interface MRAM that features an SPI interface. The serial interface design allows integration in a space-saving package, with supply voltage ranging from 2.70 to 3.6V. The S3A1604V is ideal for battery-powered sensors in space-restricted and remote applications.

Power Management IC PMICs

Our multi-channel PMICs are high-density Power Management System ICs. The flexible sequence control and output voltages enable our PMICs to correspond to multi-core application processors that require high-accuracy sequence control functions.

The RN5T5610 PMIC is a multi-channel IC for industrial applications. This IC provides four high-efficiency step-down DC-DC converters, seven low-dropout regulators, four GPIOs, an interrupt controller (INTC) and an I2C-Bus interface. The RN5T5610 can be customized to meet your individual needs for power on/off sequences and supply voltages. The RN5T5610 DVS is comprehensively monitored and protected for utmost reliability.

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Motordrivers for Industrial Applications 

Profusion offers a broad selection of power modules and motor drivers to support various applications, from home appliances (e.g. heat pumps) to Office Automation (OA) and industrial equipment.

The SAM26550BS3 Heat Pump and Industrial Motor Driver is a complete 3-phase brushless motor driver rated at 650V and 50A output. This highly integrated module includes output power transistors, a pre-drive circuit, bootstrap diodes with current-limiting resistors and a temperature-sensing thermistor. It is ideally suited to the next generation of heat pumps needed to heat homes and replace gas boilers by 2030.

Innovation and expertise

Think of Profusion as a reliable and experienced navigator, supplying unique and pioneering components and much more. Since we first opened our doors in 1989, we have built a reputation for knowing which parts will be of interest to design engineers. We maintain open communication with both our customers and our vendors, remaining knowledgeable about the components we sell and informing our customers of significant issues with documentation or performance.

We understand that when you entrust us with your component requirements we take on the additional responsibility of helping you get the most out of those components, through reliable support, appropriate documentation and, when necessary, as advocates for you and your business.

Visit our website or contact our dedicated team to explore how our industrial semiconductors can help you shape a brighter, more efficient tomorrow.

Profusion Ltd. www.profusion.uk

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