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EuMW: Rohde & Schwarz improves automotive radar tester

Posted Date:2023-09-17 13:44:54

EuMW: Rohde & Schwarz improves automotive radar tester

Rohde & Schwarz has introduced 5GHz instantaneous bandwidth front-ends for its automotive radar test set-up.

“From the automotive radar perspective, a higher instantaneous bandwidth improves the distance resolution,” the company said.

AREG8-81WS (monostatic – single antenna) and AREG8-81WD (bistatic – dual antenna) are for the 76 to 81GHz band and are updates on the 4GHz AREG8-81S and …D.

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These work with the AREG800A automotive radar echo generator as and QAT100 antenna array (pictured) – the latter of which got an enhanced gain flatness option called QAT-B1 earlier this year.

At the same time R&S announced shorter distance range simulation for radars. “For the shortest possible distance, the feature is software called ‘Near object Range’ or ‘K814’ and it works only for FMCW radars,” the company told Electronics Weekly. “The minimum distance can be equal to the airgap value of the radar under test – for example, for a radar using 0.5m airgap, the minimum distance can be 0.5m.”


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Source from: https://www.shunlongwei.com/eumw-rohde-schwarz-improves-automotive-radar-tester/

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