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Techsem MTC400A/1800V New IGBT Module

Posted Date:2023-09-15 14:23:47



Sell MTC400A/1800V, #Techsem #MTC400A/1800V New Stock, Power Thyristor Module MTC400-1800V (400A 1800V), #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #MTC400A_1800V

Email: sales@shunlongwei.com

URL: https://www.slw-ele.com/mtc400a-1800v.html


. Isolated mounting base 2500V~

. Pressure co ntac tet chnology w ith

Incrtased power cycling capability

. Space and weight savings

Typical Applications

. AC/DC Motor drives

. Various re ctifiers

. DC supply for PWM inverter

Maximum allowable average forward current (Case temperature) ITAV/IFAV (Tcase) 400 A (85ºC) Repetitive pulsed reverse voltage; Repetitive pulsed closed state voltage VRRM/VDRM 1800 V

Surge on-state current ITSM/IFSM 12.5 A

Safety factor I2t 781 kA2·s

Threshold voltage VT(TO) 0.80 V

Critical rate of rise of off-state voltage dv/dt 800 V/µs

Critical rate of rise of on-state current di/dt 100 A/µs

Repetitive pulse current when closed; repetitive pulse return current IDRM/IRRM 35 mA

Gate trigger DC current IGT 200 mA

Gate trigger direct DC voltage VGT 3.0 V

Holding current IH 200 mA Open pulse voltage VTM 1.52 V

Open pulse current ITM 1200 A

On-state slope resistance rT 0.49 mΩ

Junction temperature Tvj max 125 ºC

Thermal resistance, junction to case Rth(j-c) 0.080 ºC/W

Mounting torque(M6) 6.0 N·m

Stored temperature Tstg: -40~125 ºC

Weight 2040 g

Article source: https://www.slw-ele.com/mtc400a-1800v.html

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