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Huawei is developing new Kirin 8 and 9 series chip with better performance

Posted Date:2023-09-15 11:33:47

Over the past two weeks, most of the smartphone industry discussed the return of the Kirin chip. But do you know that Huawei reportedly developing new Kirin 8 and 9 series chips? Let’s take a look at the current inputs.

Tipster DigitalChatStationo revealed that Huawei is working on new chip platforms for the Kirin 8 and Kirin 9 series. The news about the development is currently well hidden and there are no major details about the cores available.

However, the tipster indicates that the new chip platform will come with improved performance thanks to a more mature technology process of N+2. This node is designed and developed by China’s semiconductor company – SMIC.

Reflecting the progress, SMIC reportedly produced Kirin 9000s with advanced 7NM+ tech. This chip is used in the Huawei Mate 60 series and the results are shocking. The company has achieved high-performance processing with this Kirin that could compete against TSMC’s 5nm Kirin 9000s and Snapdragon 888.

There are also a few things that Huawei is working on alongside the chip producers. Industry analyst believes that the next phase would be yield rate and efficient packaging. These two aspects are really important for a chip and need to be upgraded with each node.

Another important thing that Huawei needs to work on is the production quality. To complete the supply-demand, Huawei could establish a new production facility with its chip supplier to harness the required number.

To conclude, the tipster shared some details about the new chip launch. DCS mentioned that the new phones will adopt these chipsets by the next year. From the current point of view, this decision may be crucial. Because it would give the company a bit more time to verify the chipset for better performance and accuracy in printing with the chip producer.

However, we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation about the new Kirin 8 and 9 series chip products from Huawei.

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