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SanRex DD110F-160 New IGBT Module

Posted Date:2023-09-14 18:54:14



Sell DD110F-160, #SanRex #DD110F-160 New Stock, SanRex 1600V diode module in 3-pin package. Operational temperature range from -40°C to 125°C, #IGBT_Module, #IGBT, #DD110F_160

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URL: https://www.slw-ele.com/dd110f-160.html

The features and specifications of the DD110F-160 power diode module are as follows:


Isolated mounting base: The mounting base is electrically isolated from the elements, allowing for easy heatsink construction.

Two elements in a package: The module contains two diode chips connected in series, suitable for single and three-phase bridge connections.

Highly reliable glass passivated chips: The diode chips are designed with glass passivation for enhanced reliability.

High surge current capability: The module can handle high surge currents, making it suitable for applications with fluctuating loads.

Wide voltage rating: The module is available with a voltage rating of up to 1600V, allowing for use in various input voltage applications.

Maximum Ratings and Characteristics:

Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage (VRRM): 1600V

Average Forward Current (IF(AV)): 110A (single phase, half wave, 180 °C conduction, TC: 88°C)

R.M.S. Forward Current (IF(RMS)): 172A (single phase, half wave, 180 °C conduction, TC: 88°C)

Surge Forward Current (IFSM): 2300/2550A (1/2 cycle, 50/60Hz, peak value, non-repetitive)

Isolation Breakdown Voltage (VISO): 2500V (AC, 1 minute)

Operating Junction Temperature (Tj): +150°C

Storage Temperature (Tstg): -40 to +125°C

Mounting Screw Torque (M5): 2.7 N·m

Applications: The DD110F-160 power diode module is commonly used in various applications, including:


Battery chargers

DC motor drives

These features and specifications are based on the provided information. For detailed and accurate information, it is recommended to refer to the official documentation or datasheet provided by the manufacturer of the DD110F-160 power diode module.

Article source: https://www.slw-ele.com/dd110f-160.html

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