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12bit 500MHz eight-channel scopes from Yokogawa for power electronics

Posted Date:2023-09-13 13:40:03

12bit 500MHz eight-channel scopes from Yokogawa for power electronics

“The DLM5000HD series expands Yokogawa’s oscilloscope lineup with models that deliver higher resolution for more accurate waveform analysis, and come with features that improve usability and enable easier setup,” according to the company.

Why the high-resolution models?

“There is an increased need to make motors, inverters and solar power generation devices more energy efficient,” said Yokogawa. “This need is particularly acute in the power electronics industry, where the increase in applications for devices utilising silicon-carbide technology is driving the need for ever greater measurement precision.”

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There are four 12bit models:

  • DLM5058HD 500MHz 8-channel
  • DLM5058HD 350MHz 8-channel
  • DLM5054HD 500MHz 4-channel
  • DLM5034HD 350MHz 4-channel

16x more fine detail compared with 8bit scopes is “particularly beneficial for developers of inverters, enabling the accurate observation of minute changes in high-speed signals” said the company.

Another feature is auto-setup for bit rate and threshold for serial bus analysis.

Maximum memory is doubled from the DLM5000 scopes introduced in 2020, with up to one billion points spread across up to 200,000 automatically-captured waveforms, which the company sees being useful in measuring the behaviour of braking systems where data needs to be recorded at high rate for several milliseconds. This is backed up with various waveform search options.

Alongside the analogue channels are eight 8bit logic channels that can be time synchronised. Up to eight channels and 32bits can be measured simultaneously.

For use with other instruments – the company suggests its own WT5000 power meter – the scopes include an IEEE1588 time synchronisation master.

Up to two DLM5000HDs can be connected for synchronous measurement of 16 channels. “Captured waveforms are displayed on each unit. Triggers operate in common, and common items, such as record length, sample rate, acquisition settings and horizontal axis scale settings, are linked, so they can be used like a single 16channel oscilloscope,” said Yokogowa. “You can also connect four channel models, making 8+4=12 channels or 4+4=8 channels.”

Ethernet and USB 3.0 are included for control and waveform export.

For increased EMI immunity in noisy environments, such as operating near large motors, the touch screen can be disabled.

Applications are foreseen in vehicle, household appliance, air conditioner and mechatronics development.

Find more information on the DLM5000HD product page

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