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Using D-Mode GaN in Cascode Configuration

Posted Date:2023-09-12 13:47:15

Transphorm has  published a white paper titled The Fundamental Advantages of D-Mode GaN in Cascode Configuration.

The paper provides a brief tutorial on the inherent benefits delivered by a cascode (normally-off) d-mode GaN platform such as higher performance, easier operation at high power levels, and greater robustness.

Using D-Mode GaN in Cascode Configuration

Specifically, the paper explores the role of the 2-dimensional electron gas channel (the 2DEG), a natural phenomenon that spontaneously forms in the GaN HEMT stack.

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As all GaN platforms (including e-mode) are normally-on d-mode platforms at their core—the paper will go on to examine how the 2DEG’s and the overall platform’s performance is affected depending on whether a cascode d-mode or e-mode based approach is chosen to switch the platform off. Lastly, select myths about normally-off d-mode and e-mode device performance are addressed.

The paper is available for download here: www.transphormusa.com/document/wp-dmode-gan-advantages. I ask that you share the attached news release (and paper cover photo) with your readership as I believe it will be useful information for decision makers trying to understand the differences between the different “flavors” of GaN power semiconductors available today.

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Source from: https://www.shunlongwei.com/using-d-mode-gan-in-cascode-configuration/

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