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Semikron SKKT 330/16 E New IGBT Module

Posted Date:2023-09-11 21:53:59

SKKT 330/16 E

SKKT 330/16 E
SKKT 330/16 E
SKKT 330/16 E
SKKT 330/16 E

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The SKKT 330/16 E is a 7-pin thyristor/diode module manufactured by Semikron. It features a heat transfer mechanism through an aluminum nitride ceramic isolated metal baseplate, providing efficient thermal management. The module is designed for high reliability and utilizes precious metal pressure contacts.

Here are the specifications and details for the SKKT 330/16 E module:

Module Type: Thyristor/Diode Module

Housing: SEMIPACK 3

Applications: Motor Drive & Control, Microwave, Lighting

Thyristor Specifications:

SCR Module Type: Series Connected – SCRs (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers)

Peak Repetitive Off-State Voltage (Vdrm): 1.6kV

Gate Trigger Current Maximum (Igt): 200mA

Holding Current Maximum (Ih): 500mA

Gate Trigger Voltage Maximum (Vgt): 3V

Operating Temperature Maximum: 130°C

Diode Specifications:

Average Forward Current (It av): 330A

RMS On-State Current (IT(rms)): 510A

Peak Non-Repetitive Surge Current (Itsm) at 50Hz: 9.5kA

The SKKT 330/16 E module is primarily used in motor drive and control applications, microwave systems, and lighting applications. It is housed in the SEMIPACK 3 package, which provides a convenient and robust enclosure for the module.

Article source: https://www.slw-ele.com/skkt-330-16-e.html

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