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Posted Date:2023-09-05 17:21:53

The SANREX DKR200AB60 is a high-speed dual diode module designed for high-power switching applications. Here are the details of this module:


  • High-Speed Diode: The diodes in this module have a fast recovery time (trr) of less than 200 nanoseconds. This makes them suitable for high-frequency applications where rapid switching is required.
  • IF(AV) Current: Each device in the module has an average forward current rating (IF(AV)) of 100A.
  • High Surge Capability: The module is capable of handling high surge currents, making it suitable for applications that require robust surge capability. Some of the suggested applications include switching power supplies, inverter welding power supplies, and power supplies for telecommunication equipment.

Maximum Ratings and Characteristics:

  • Collector-Emitter Voltage (Vces): 600V – This is the maximum voltage that can be applied across the collector-emitter terminals.
  • Gate-Emitter Voltage (VGES): ±20V – The maximum gate-emitter voltage indicates the voltage range for proper gate control.
  • Collector Current (Ic): 100A – This is the maximum continuous collector current that the module can handle.
  • Collector Current (Peak, Icp): 200A – The peak collector current indicates the maximum current for short-duration pulses.
  • Collector Power Dissipation (Pc): 1270W – This is the maximum power that can be dissipated by the module.
  • Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCES): 2500V – This is the maximum collector-emitter voltage breakdown rating.
  • Operating Junction Temperature (Tj): +150°C – The maximum temperature at which the module can operate safely.
  • Storage Temperature (Tstg): -40 to +125°C – The temperature range for safe storage of the module.
  • Mounting Screw Torque: 4.7 N·m (Newton-meters) – The recommended torque for mounting the module.
  • Mass (Typical Value): 80g – The typical weight of the module.

Source from: https://www.shunlongwei.com/sanrex-dkr200ab60-igbt-module/

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