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Semikron SKKT323/16E New IGBT Module

Posted Date:2023-09-05 15:43:03



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The Semikron SKKT323/16E is a high-power semiconductor module used in demanding applications such as motor drives, industrial automation, and power supplies. It incorporates a 3-phase bridge rectifier and brake chopper circuit, allowing it to handle high voltage and current levels effectively. Here are the key features and characteristics of the SKKT323/16E based on the provided information:


Low VCE(sat): The module features a low saturation voltage, helping to reduce energy losses during operation.

Compact Package: The module is designed in a compact package, making it suitable for applications with limited space.

P.C. Board Mount: It can be mounted on a printed circuit board (PCB), contributing to easy integration into various systems.

Converter Diode Bridge and Dynamic Brake Circuit: The SKKT323/16E includes a converter diode bridge and a dynamic brake circuit, enhancing its functionality in different applications.


Inverter for motor drives

AC and DC servo drive amplifiers

Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

Maximum Ratings and Characteristics:

Collector-Emitter Voltage (Vces): Maximum voltage across the collector and emitter is 1200V.

Gate-Emitter Voltage (VGES): Maximum gate-emitter voltage is ±20V.

Collector Current (Ic): Maximum continuous collector current is 150A.

Collector Current (Icp): Maximum peak collector current is 300A.

Collector Power Dissipation (Pc): Maximum power dissipation is 1500W.

Collector-Emitter Voltage (VCES): Maximum collector-emitter voltage is 2500V.

Operating Junction Temperature (Tj): The module can operate at a maximum junction temperature of +150°C.

Storage Temperature (Tstg): The module can be stored in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +125°C.

Mounting Screw Torque: The recommended mounting screw torque is 3.5 N·m.

Article source: https://www.slw-ele.com/skkt323-16e.html

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