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SpiderOak demonstrates OrbitSecure communications with ISS

Posted Date:2023-09-05 13:57:07

SpiderOak demonstrates OrbitSecure communications with ISS

Specifically – using an Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Snowcone edge computing device provided by Axiom Space – SpiderOak’s OrbitSecure software was used aboard the ISS. The system demonstrated sending and receiving secure ops traffic between ground and low-Earth orbit.

Communication to the space station was handled by the Tracking and Data Relay System (TDRS) – which is a network of comms satellites and ground stations used by Nasa – said the company.

In cooperation with Axiom Space and AWS, SpiderOak’s OrbitSecure software was previously uploaded to the space station on 31 July 2023.

SpiderOak says the burgeoning new space economy will rely on the secure transfer of data and mixed workloads across hybrid platforms in space.

“The future of space is undeniably software-defined,” said John Moberly, its Senior Vice President for Space.

“Our successful demonstration shows that it’s not just possible, but effective and secure, to run containerized workloads in modern orchestrated environments with secure data channels from orbit to ground and vice versa.”

According to the company, it has demonstrated “a secure, software-defined model applicable to the unique challenges of space operations”.

The pan is to help secure data intensive operations in space, for example, in-space manufacturing and scientific research. Zero-trust cybersecurity could also lay the groundwork for creating orbital data centres, said SpiderOak.

Axiom Space is due to build the first commercial space station from the legacy of the International Space Station. It recently secured further Series C funding.

Image: Nasa – SpiderOak sends and receives secure ops traffic

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