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AUO M190EG01 V1 New LCD Display

Posted Date:2023-09-03 16:24:19

M190EG01 V1

M190EG01 V1
M190EG01 V1
M190EG01 V1

Sell M190EG01 V1, #AUO #M190EG01 V1 New Stock, AUO 19inch LCM 1280×1024 270 1300:1 89/89/89/89 16.7M CCFL LVDS;, #LCD_Display, #LCD, #M190EG01_V1

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M190EG01 V1 is a 19-inch TFT-LCD (thin-film transistor liquid crystal display) panel manufactured by AU Optronics Corporation (AUO). 1280×1024 pixels & supports up to 16.7 million colors, use in various applications such as desktop monitors, industrial displays, and medical equipment.

The panel(M190EG01 V1) features 4:3 aspect ratio, brightness of 300 nits, & contrast ratio of 1000:1. Its response time is 8ms, which means it can display fast-moving images with minimal motion blur.

M190EG01 V1 operating temperature range : 0°C to 50°C, viewing angle is 160° from any direction.

Manufacturer AUO

Model Name M190EG01 V1

Screen Size 19.0 inch

Screen Type LCM , a-Si TFT-LCD

Pixel Number 1280(RGB)×1024 (SXGA) 86PPI

Arrangement RGB Vertical Stripe

Active Area(mm) 376.32 × 301.056 (H×V)

Outline(mm) 410.1 × 323.6 × 18.97 (H×V×D)

Bezel Area(mm) 380.32 × 305.06 (H×V)

Treatment Antiglare, Hard coating (3H)

Luminance 270 cd/m² (Typ.)

Contrast Ratio 1300 : 1 (Typ.) (TM)

Viewing Angle 89/89/89/89 (Typ.)(CR≥10) Left / Right / Up / Down

Response 15/5 (Typ.)(Tr/Td); 8 (Typ.)(G to G) ms

Good View at Symmetry Work Mode P-MVA, Normally Black, Transmissive

Color Depth 16.7M 72% NTSC

Backlight 4 pcs CCFL , 50K hours , No Driver

Mass 2.80/3.00Kgs (Typ./Max.)

Used for Desktop Monitor Industrial

Refresh Rate 60Hz

120Hz (60HZ Input) : Embedded MEMC Circuit

120Hz+120Hz : 120Hz Panel+120Hz Backlight

240Hz (60HZ Input) : Embedded MEMC Circuit

Touchscreen Without

Signal Type LVDS (2 ch, 8-bit) , 30 pins Connector

Voltage Supply 5.0V (Typ.)

Max. Ratings Storage Temp: -20 ~ 60 °C Operating Temp: 0 ~ 50 °C

Article source: https://www.slw-ele.com/m190eg01-v1.html

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