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Semikron SKKT 570/18 E New IGBT Module

Posted Date:2023-09-02 21:25:10

SKKT 570/18 E

SKKT 570/18 E
SKKT 570/18 E
SKKT 570/18 E
SKKT 570/18 E

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SKKT570/18E SEMIKRON module features a unique design with metal baseplate that is isolated by aluminium nitride ceramic for efficient heat transfer.

SKKT570/18E comes with precious metal pressure contacts to ensure high reliability, and thyristor with amplifying gate.

SKKT570/18E was UL recognized with the file number of E 63 532, making it to be dependable choice for variety of industrial applications.

Some typical applications of SKKT570/18E include AC motor softstarters, input converters for AC inverter drives, DC motor control for machine tools, temperature control for ovens and chemical processes, and light dimming for professional studios and theaters.

The SKKT570/18E module has hold current 500 mA, The maximum operating temperature is 135 °C, while its minimum operating temperature is -40 °C.

This module is compliant with RoHS regulations and does not contain any SVHC under REACH. It is double-series thyristor module with a voltage rating of 1.8 kV and a current rating of 570A, designed to fit in SEMIPACK5.

#SKKT570/18E Features:

Heat transfer through aluminium nitride ceramic isolated metal baseplate

Precious metal pressure contacts for high reliability

Thyristor with amplifying gate

UL recognized, file no. E 63 532

Typical Applications:

AC motor softstarters Input converters for AC inverter drives

DC motor control (e.g. for machine tools)

Temperature control (e.g. for ovens, chemical, processes)

Professionals light dimming (studios, theaters)


Hold Current 500 mA

Max Operating Temperature 135 °C

Min Operating Temperature -40 °C

RMS Current (Irms) 1 kA



RoHS Compliant

SKKT 570/18E Semikron Module: thyristor; double series; 1.8kV; 570A; A60b; SEMIPACK5

Article source: https://www.slw-ele.com/skkt-570-18-e.html

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