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AUO G121SN01 V0 New LCD Display

Posted Date:2023-09-02 21:14:37

G121SN01 V0

G121SN01 V0
G121SN01 V0
G121SN01 V0
G121SN01 V0
G121SN01 V0

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The G121SN01 V0 is a 12.1-inch flat-screen graphic display panel manufactured by AUO (Panel Brand). Here are the features and specifications of the G121SN01 V0 panel:

Panel Model: G121SN01 V0

Panel Size: 12.1 inches

Resolution: 800(RGB)×600 (SVGA)

Pixel Density: 82 PPI

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Physical Shape: Flat-screen graphic display

Panel Weight: 660g (Typical)

Surface Treatment: Foggy screen

Display Area: 246×184.5 mm (Horizontal*vertical)

Viewing Angle: 249.05×188.3 mm (Horizontal*vertical)

Physical Dimensions: 279×209 mm (Horizontal*vertical)

Mounting Kits: Face mounting holes (6-Φ3.4, 1-R1.7) on the left and right bezel

Optical Properties:

Display Type: Mold TN (Twisted Nematic), Normally white display, transmissive

Panel Brightness: 400 cd/m² (Typical)

Contrast Ratio: 500:1 (Typical)

Display Color: 262K (6-bit)

Response Time: 10/25 (Typical) (Tr/Td) (ms)

Viewing Angle: 70/70/60/50 (Typical) (CR≥10)

Storage Recommendations for G121SN01 V0:

Place the panel in polyethylene bags, preferably anti-static coated bags, and ensure proper sealing.

Store the panel in a temperature range of -10°C to 35°C.

Keep it in a dark place, away from exposure to strong light.

Avoid placing items on the LCD display surface.

Do not store the panel in extreme or moist environments.

Operating Attentions:

If there is liquid leakage from the panel, avoid touching it and prevent contamination of clothing or body.

Take care not to scratch or touch the LCD panel surface. If necessary, use a soft cotton cloth dampened with petroleum benzene.

The G121SN01 V0 LCD panel has strict requirements for storage temperature and humidity. Avoid placing it in a moist environment or under strong light.

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Article source: https://www.slw-ele.com/g121sn01-v0.html

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