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NEC NL6448CC33-30 LCD Display

Posted Date:2023-09-01 14:45:09

The NEC NL6448CC33-30 is a 10.4-inch LCD display designed for industrial applications. Here are the specifications and details for this display:

Manufacturer: NEC

Model Name: NL6448CC33-30

Screen Size: 10.4 inches

Screen Type: LCM (Liquid Crystal Module), a-Si TFT-LCD (Amorphous Silicon Thin-Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display)

Pixel Number: 640 (RGB) × 480 (VGA)

Pixel Arrangement: RGB Vertical Stripe

Active Area (mm): 211.2 × 158.4 (H×V)

Outline Dimensions (mm): 264 × 187.8 × 9.3 (H×V×D)

Bezel Area (mm): 214.0 × 161.2 (H×V)

Treatment: Glare (Haze 0%) – This indicates that the display has a glossy finish with no haze.

Luminance-Contrast Ratio: 150:1 (Typical) – This is the ratio of the display’s maximum luminance to its minimum luminance, indicating the contrast performance.

Viewing Angle: 30/30/20/20 (Min.) (CR≥10) Left/Right/Up/Down – This specifies the minimum viewing angles at which the display maintains a contrast ratio of at least 10.

Response Time: 15/55 (Typical) (Tr/Td) ms – This indicates the response time of the display in milliseconds, with Tr (rise time) and Td (fall time).

Color Depth: 262K (43% CIE1931) – This represents the number of colors the display can reproduce, with reference to the CIE 1931 color space.

Mass: 300g (Typical) – The weight of the display.

Application: The display is intended for industrial applications, indicating it is suitable for use in various industrial equipment and systems.

Refresh Rate Options: The display supports different refresh rates depending on the input signal:

  • 120Hz (60Hz Input) with Embedded MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation) Circuit
  • 120Hz + 120Hz (Panel + Backlight) – This likely refers to a feature that combines the 120Hz panel refresh rate with a 120Hz backlight refresh rate.
  • 240Hz (60Hz Input) with Embedded MEMC Circuit

Touchscreen: The display does not include a touchscreen feature.

Signal Type: Parallel RGB (1 channel, 6-bit) with a 34-pin connector. This indicates the type of signal input and the connector used.

Voltage Supply: Typically, it operates with a voltage supply of 3.3/5.0V (VCC).

Maximum Ratings:

  • Storage Temperature: -30 ~ 85°C
  • Operating Temperature: -25 ~ 85°C
  • Vibration Level: 2.0G (19.6 m/s²) – This specifies the vibration tolerance of the display.

Source from: https://www.shunlongwei.com/nec-nl6448cc33-30-lcd-display/

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