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VICOR V24B3V3H150BL New IGBT Module

Posted Date:2023-08-31 18:48:56



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Features & Benefits

• DC input range: 18 – 36V

• Isolated output

• Operation to 16V at 75% power

after start up

• Input surge withstand: 50V for 100ms

• DC output: 3.3 – 48V

• Programmable output: 10 – 110%

• Regulation: ±0.5% no load to full load

• Efficiency: Up to 89%

• Maximum operating temp: 100°C,

full load

• Power density: up to 80W per cubic inch

• Height above board: 0.43in [10,9mm]

• Parallelable, with N+M fault tolerance

• Low-noise ZCS/ZVS architecture

• RoHS Compliant (with F or G pin option)

Product Overview

These DC-DC converter modules use advanced power processing, control and packaging technologies to provide the performance, flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness of a mature power component.


Industrial and process control, distributed power, medical, ATE, communications,

defense and aerospace.

Module Input Specifications

Operating input voltage 18 24 36 VDC

Input surge withstand 50 VDC <100ms

Undervoltage turn–on 17.5 17.9 VDC

Undervoltage turn–off 14.8 15.3 VDC

Overvoltage turn–off/on 36.3 37.8 39.6 VDC

Disabled input current 4.0 mA PC pin low

Absolute Maximum Ratings

+IN to –IN voltage –0.5 to +53 VDC

PC to –IN voltage –0.5 to +7.0 VDC

PR to –IN voltage –0.5 to +7.0 VDC

SC to –OUT voltage –0.5 to +1.5 VDC

–Sense to –OUT voltage 1.0 VDC

Isolation voltage

IN to OUT 3000 VRMS Test voltage

IN to base 1500 VRMS Test voltage

OUT to base 500 VRMS Test voltage

Operating Temperature –55 to +100 °C M-Grade

Storage Temperature –65 to +125 °C M-Grade

Pin soldering temperature 500 [260] °F [°C] <5sec; wave solder

750 [390] °F [°C] <7sec; hand solder

Mounting torque 5 [0.57] in.lbs [N.m] 6 each

Article source: https://www.slw-ele.com/v24b3v3h150bl.html

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