Revolutionary nano-silicon product for li-ion cell manufacturers

Ionic Mineral Technologies has launched its Generation 1 Ionisil nano-silicon product for Li-ion cell manufacturers. The revolutionary product is a drop-in solution for lithium-ion batteries delivering high energy density and fast charging capabilities, making it excellent for EVs and other applications demanding high-performance batteries.

The product has been independently validated by outside EV OEM production labs, showing an all-silicon battery’s capability to execute reversible capacity of 2700mAh/g and 2500mAh/g at a 2000mAh fast charging rate in half-cell testing. The initial coulombic efficiency (ICE) of 85% is a notable accomplishment without any prelithiation. This silicon electrode was created from an aqueous slurry highlighting the true ‘drop in’ nature of Ionisil.

Tests of electrodes that blend Ionisil with graphite revealed that a 15% Ionisil substitution of graphite in a water-based CMC/SBR binder system attains 91% ICE and 740mAh/g stable capacity, more than doubling the capacity of pure graphite anode. This remarkable technology can improve the capacity at the anode level by >100% compared to graphite batteries. In commercial applications, this 15% Ionisil substitution in graphite is expected to lead to a lithium-ion battery with 20% more capacity, which is 20% more miles per charge. Also, it will add zero cost per unit of capacity to existing batteries.

“We are excited to launch our Ionisil nano-silicon product, which has been verified by independent EV OEM customer labs,” said Andre Zeitoun, CEO. “The Ionisil technology represents a significant advancement in battery materials, offering lithium-ion cell manufacturers a drop-in solution that delivers higher energy density and faster charging capabilities. We believe that Ionisil has the potential to revolutionize the battery industry and accelerate the mass adoption goals of electric vehicle manufacturers.”

The Battery Show Europe 2023, Ionic Booth Number 8-G56, Stuttgart, Germany, May 23-25.

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