Government announces UK semiconductor strategy

Government announces UK semiconductor strategy

Therefore, reaching £1bn would require the next government to invest the bulk of the money.

Update: the 68 page strategy document can now be downloaded through this webpage

The strategy is intended to “boost the UK’s strengths and skills in design, R&D and compound semiconductors, while helping to grow domestic chip firms across the UK” according to the department. “Working in tandem with industry, investment made by the government will drive research, innovation and commercialisation through the sector – helping to deliver products from lab to market.”

It is has objectives grouped into:

  • growing the domestic sector
  • mitigating the risk of supply chain disruptions
  • protecting our national security

Three details are that:

There will be a UK Semiconductor Advisory Panel “that brings together key figures from industry, government, and academia to work together to deliver the strategy. The Advisory Panel will speak on behalf of the sector and provide advice and feedback,” said the department.

An incubator pilot “will focus on removing obstacles which hold Semiconductor start-ups back from growth” by providing access to technical resources, coaching and networking.

There will be some form of support for learning advanced skills, such as electrical and electronic engineering, and computer science.

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