New IGBT/SiC module gate drivers with temperature readout

Power Integrations has launched the SCALE-iFlex LT NTC family of IGBT/SiC module gate drivers. The new gate drivers are aimed at the popular new dual, 100mm x 140mm style of IGBT modules, such as the Mitsubishi LV100 and the Infineon XHP 2, and SiC variants thereof up to 2300V blocking voltage. The drivers offer NTC data – an isolated temperature measurement of the power module – which allows accurate thermal management of converter systems. This is important for systems with multiple modules arrayed in parallel, providing proper current sharing and greatly enhancing overall system reliability.

Thorsten Schmidt, product marketing manager at Power Integrations, commented: “Designers of renewable energy and rail systems using SCALE-iFlex drivers already benefit from increased system performance; the SCALE-iFlex approach handles paralleling so expertly that one module in five can be eliminated without loss of performance or current de-rating. Adding an isolated NTC output reduces hardware complexity – particularly cables and connectors – and contributes to system observability and overall performance.”

Based on the company’s SCALE-2 technology, the gate drivers enhance current sharing accuracy and, therefore, improve the current carrying capability of multiple-paralleled modules by 20%, permitting users to increase the Semiconductor utilisation of their converter stacks greatly. This is possible because the localised control of each 2SMLT0220D MAG unit provides precise control and switching, allowing excellent current sharing. AAC is utilised to provide accurate overvoltage protection.

To increase space-saving, up to four MAG-driven power modules may be parallel-connected from a single 2SILT1200T Isolated Master Control unit, which can also be mounted on a power module due to its compact outline. The gate drivers are fully qualified to IEC 61000-4-x (EMI), IEC-60068-2-x (environmental) and IEC-60068-2-x (mechanical) specifications, and undergo complete type testing – low voltage, high voltage, thermal cycling – shortening designer development time by 12 to 18 months. A comprehensive set of protection features is included, and parts are optionally obtainable with conformal coating.

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