Eview MT506LV4CN New Stock

Eview MT506LV4CN New Stock
Eview MT506LV4CN New Stock
Eview MT506LV4CN New Stock
Eview MT506LV4CN New Stock

MT506LV4CN Video

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Install Environment
Where Used

The MT-500 Series is designed for use in a factory environment. It is designed to

operate from 32 to 113 °F (0 to 45 °C) temperatures, as found in most industrial

environments. It may not be suitable for use in certain outdoor applications. Please

consult the factory for advised usage in outdoor applications.


NEMA Rating

The MT-500 Series front bezel is NEMA 4 rated. When installed properly in a NEMA

4 panel, the NEMA 4 rating of the panel will not be compromised. This means that

fluids will not enter the panel during wash downs.

Electrical Environment

The MT-500 Series has been tested to conform to European CE requirements. This

means that the circuitry is designed to resist the effects of electrical noise. This does

not guarantee noise immunity in severe cases. Proper wire routing and grounding

will insure proper operation.

Mechanical Environment

Avoid installing units in environments where severe mechanical vibration or shocks

are present.

Panel Details

The unit can be mounted into panels with a depth of 4” (105mm). It is recommended that the unit be mounted on the front panel of a steel enclosure, through an appropriate opening*. Allow a clearance of 1”(25mm) around the sides of the unit for mounting hardware. Allow clearance for cable connections to the back of the unit. Unit depth may vary according to cable type used. Typically, plan a depth to accommodate at least 4” (105mm) behind the panel.

NEMA-4 Mounting

Put the unit through the panel cut out. Slide the clamps into the 6 holes provided around the case. Tighten the clamping screws in an even pattern until the unit is secured in the panel.
MT506LV4CN inverter, MT506LV4CN power supply, MT506LV4CN electronic board, MT506LV4CN VGA board, MT506LV4CN touchscreen available.