Infineon makes 600V GaN transistors in-house

Infineon makes 600V GaN transistors in-house

“The portfolio of discrete and integrated power stage devices provides designers with the necessary flexibility to meet their specific needs for industrial applications complying with JEDEC standards JESD47 and JESD22,” said the company.

Available in DSO-20-85, DSO-20-87, HSOF-8-3, LSON-81- and TSON-8 packaging, Rds(on) values range from 42 to 340mΩ max.

In the half-bridges, two GaN switches are housed in a TIQFN-28 package with Rds(on) = 190 – 650mΩ max (x2).

Single-channel types in a thermally-enhanced TIQFN-21 span 130 – 340mΩ.

Both top-side and bottom-side cooled JEDEC-compliant packages are available (DSO-20-87 and DSO-20-85 respectively, for example).

“TSC power packages are unique in the market and address higher power requirements, said Infineon, although the data sheets for the IGOT60R042D1 (T=top cooled) and IGO60R042D1 (bottom cooled) in the packages just mentioned have exactly the same 250W rating (25°C) and 0.5°C/W junction-to-case resistance. Electronics Weekly has asked Infineon what is going on here.

Applications are foreseen in server, telecom and solar PSUs, as well as consumer chargers and adaptors, motor drives, TV, monitors and led lighting.

See the parts in Infineon’s stand at PCIM.

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