2 x 3in mains PSU delivers 180W without a fan

2 x 3in mains PSU delivers 180W without a fan

“They are available in a choice of three different packages to suit diverse requirements: XLO open-frame, XLE enclosed and XLD DIN rail,” according to Luso Electronics, which is stocking the PSUs. “These units offer single output voltages ranging from 12 to 53V.”

The output choices are 12, 15, 18, 24, 28, 36, 48 or 53V, and the output can be adjusted down by up to 10%.

“As usual with products from N2 Power, if you can’t find your preferred output voltage, we can easily modify standard PSUs to meet specific requirements,” said Luso.

Operation is from 85 to 264Vac (and 120 to 370Vdc for dc-dc applications) as well as up to 5,000m, and over -40 to +85°C with caveats.

Adding a fan can push full power operation to 70°C. Maximum output capability always derates linearly to ~40W at 85°C.

Stand-by consumption is ≤150mW, and efficiencies up to 94% contribute to the low dissipation.

Both Class I and Class II protective earth variants are available, there is 3kVac input-to-output reinforced insulation, and leakage at 264Vac can be 300µA.

One of the many options adds an over-voltage rating (OVC III) up to 2,000m, another adds conformal coating.

The open-frame version measures ~76 x 51 x 32mm.

Warranty is three years.

Luso’s XL180 product page can be found here

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