Tweezers for state-of-the-art soldering platform

Weller Tools now offers its new WXsmart Tweezers for the WXsmart Soldering Platform. WXsmart Tweezers are developed to fulfil all state-of-the-art soldering and desoldering needs, from miniaturisation to heavy-duty applications and traceability and connectivity requirements.

Precise and fast performance with built-in intelligence in tips and tool make the tweezers a reliable companion for all soldering tasks. The optimised ergonomics of the tweezers facilitate smooth workflows. Additionally, the tweezers offer colour lighting for fast tool identification. Handling also is improved with quick, toolless tip change with the highest precision for rapid and continuous working processes.

It offers high power, extremely fast heat-up and reaction times for increased productivity, and perfectly adjusted tips save time by producing the best results. The integrated chip controls the workflow and makes adjustments possible. The optimised handle ergonomics support repetitive, identical work processes and make work easier.

The WXMTS Micro Tweezers are intelligent/smart desoldering tweezers and the perfect solution for fast and precise SMD rework of chip components and small/medium SOP from PCB assemblies (supports usage under the microscope).

WXUTS Ultra Tweezers for heavy-duty desoldering applications is designed for soldering and desoldering SMDs including QFP, PLCC and SOIC.

The tweezers provide improved ergonomics with the new soft grip design. The short-distance tip-to-grip and parallel sliding block provide greater work accuracy and comfort. The pre-adjusted pairwise tip design improves productivity as they are instantly ready to use.

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