New digital laser is packed with functionality in a small form factor

ProPhotonix Limited has launched its new Digital Compact Laser. At only 8mm in diameter, this laser provides digital control and monitoring in an extremely compact package perfect for applications where space is restricted.

Digital functionality allows system designers to supply a higher-performance product to their customers. The new high-performance laser can be controlled and monitored via a digital RS232 communication interface and delivers increased flexibility and control in applications, including precision industrial alignment, particle detection, patient positioning, 3D measurement, targeting, and high-speed automated inspection.

For system designers wishing to maintain their system’s leading edge, the device supplies output power, pulse duration, and frequency to be modified and monitors the laser’s performance. In their systems, the new digital laser may allow flexibility for different tasks to be carried out by the same system. Also, the digital laser may be easily incorporated into the overall control system permitting end users to have complete control and visibility of the system’s performance.

Provided at 520nm, 635nm, and 650nm with output powers from 0.9mW to 4mW, the laser is offered with an elliptical beam, line, and cross-generating optics with CW or modulation operation. It provides high reliability and outstanding boresighting (<0.5°).

Jeremy Lane, managing director of ProPhotonix’s laser business, said, “Digital control and monitoring offers system designers the opportunity to develop systems with greater functionality, flexibility, and control. This new product will allow customers to enhance their systems even where space is very limited.”

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