PCIM: 1.2kV half-bridge driver ICs

PCIM: 1.2kV half-bridge driver ICs

Called the 2ED132xS12x family, they are ruggedised by protection against negative voltage transient, shoot-through and automatic (±5%) over-current shut-down, and have under-voltage lock-out. Over-current detection to output shut-down, can be as short at 1μs.

The use of a silicon-on-insulator process eliminates parasitic thyristors in the structure – which is where the immunity to negative transient voltages on the supply pin comes from – the high-voltage connection can work up to 1,200V, while shunning repetitive 700ns -100V pulses. Nearby, the bootstrap pin can take up to 1,225V.

There are four versions in two different packages:

  • 2ED132xS12M comes in an DSO-16 package and provides +2.3/-4.6A drive
    ‘x’ is 1 or 2, and 2ED1322S12M has integrated dead-time, and shoot-through prevention
  • 2ED132xS12P comes in an DSO-20 package with and supports +2.3/-2.3A drive
    These devices have active Miller clamping and short-circuit clamping
    ‘x’ is 3 or 4, and 2ED1324S12P (diagam below) has integrated dead-time, and shoot-through prevention

All have get a fast integrated 30Ω boot-strap diode, and all the packages are 0.3in wide, with the 20pin version having finer pitch pins.

PCIM: 1.2kV half-bridge driver ICs

Other features are an enable input, a fault output and programmable fault reset with separate logic and ground pins.

The ICs can be ordered now, and an evaluation board will be available in the coming months.

Applications are foreseen in commercial HVAC systems, heat pumps, servo drives, industrial inverters, pumps and fans.

Earlier, the company introduction a similar Three-Phase gate driver family called 6ED223xS12T.

See them all on Infineon’s stand (412 in hall 7) at PCIM Europe on 9 – 11 May in Nuremberg.


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