Robust and efficient DC-DC converter for railway applications

Autronic, a sister company to display Technology Ltd, has released the HFBC80-W/Ks DC-DC converter, a reliable and efficient solution for railway applications. This compact converter provides an ultra-wide input voltage range from 14.4V to 154V, making it ideal for various onboard voltages employed in railways. With a power output of 80W, the converter can cover all international onboard voltages from 24V to 110V in a single device, making it a cost-effective and efficient option for railway applications.

The converter is intended to withstand harsh environments, with a full encapsulation that assures vibrations, shocks, and surge bursts are met. It can be employed in environments with high humid heat. The device’s operating temperature ranges from -40C to 85C, making it ideal for extreme conditions. It complies with critical railway safety standards, including EN 50155 and EN 50121-3-2 (EMC), ensuring it is a reliable and safe option for railway applications.

One of the main features of the converter is its high efficiency, which reaches up to 92%. It also offers an integrated hold-up time of 10ms (class S2), removing the necessity for external hold-up Capacitors. The compact design of the device (113mm x 46mm x 35mm) provides for simple installation, and its high efficiency lowers power losses, making it a cost-effective solution for railway applications.

The converter is furnished with inrush current limitation, overvoltage and overtemperature protection, and active reverse polarity protection, making it a reliable and safe option. The device is open-circuit and continuously short-circuit proof and can be connected in parallel with other modules, providing greater flexibility and scalability. The output voltage is also adjustable, offering greater customisation options.

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