FUJI 1MBI600V-120 New Stock

FUJI 1MBI600V-120 New Stock
FUJI 1MBI600V-120 New Stock
FUJI 1MBI600V-120 New Stock
FUJI 1MBI600V-120 New Stock

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FUJI IGBT 1MBI600V-120 is a high-performance insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) module designed and manufactured by FUJI Electric.

The module(1MBI600V-120) has a voltage rating 600V & maximum collector current 120A, it widely use for high-power applications such as motor control, power supplies, and renewable energy systems.

1MBI600V-120 built-in protection features such as short-circuit protection & over-temperature protection.

. High speed switching
. Voltage drive
. Low Inductance module structure

. Inverter for Motor Drive
. AC and DC Servo Drive Amplifier
. Uninterruptible Power Supply
. Industrial machines, such as Welding machines
Maximum Ratings and Characteristics Absolute Maximum Ratings (at Tc=25°C unless otherwise specified)
Collector-Emitter voltage VCES 1200V
Gate-Emitter voltage VGES ±20V
Collector current Ic pulse 1 ms 600 A
Collector current Ic pulse 1 ms 1200 A
Collector power dissipation Pc 1 device 3000 W
Junction temperature Tj 175°C
Operating junction temperature (under switching conditions) Tjop 150°C
Case temperature Tc 125°C
Storage temperature Tstg -40~+125°C
Isolation voltage Between terminal and copper base (*1) Viso AC : 1min. 2500 VAC
 Screw torque Mounting(*2) M5 or M6 6.0 N.m